Division 2 Technical Alpha Announced

Ubisoft will be running a closed technical alpha test for The Division 2 from December 15 through December 18, letting a small number of pre-selected players try out a small slice of the game before launch.

The technical alpha, which will be available on PC, will only host a limited number of players who had already registered for a chance to participate and runs from December 15 at 5 AM PT/8 AM ET until December 18 at 2 AM ET/5 AM PT.

If you’ve been selected, you can begin preloading the technical alpha on December 13. In addition, those participating must sign a non-disclosure agreement, so don’t expect to hear any impressions just quite yet.

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If you didn’t get into the technical alpha, you can still participate in The Division 2’s beta test, either by pre-ordering the game or by signing up on Ubisoft’s website. The beta will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, but a final date has not been set yet.

If you pre-order the game digitally, you should automatically be granted access, and retailers will send codes to those who pre-ordered physical copies once the beta is live.

The Division 2 moves the post-apocalyptic role-playing shooter from New York City to Washington D.C., and Ubisoft is putting a greater focus on endgame content this time around. It’s scheduled to arrive to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 15, 2019.

Gabe Gurwin is a freelance writer for IGN who hopes Ubisoft’s next project is a Splinter Cell sequel. Follow him on Twitter.

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